Lego Chain Reactions Bk

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Lego Chain Reactions Bk

Design and Build Amazon Moving Machines

In a chain reaction, one thing leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another, which. ..well, you get the idea

With the stuff in this kit and a pile of your own ordinary LEGO bricks, you can build Ten awesome machines that can be combined to make dozens of different chain reactions that use many steps to do. ..a whole lot of nothing (or maybe something vaguely useful).

Your machine could toss a gum wrapper into the trash, amuse your dog, deliver a message ('Oh Yeah!'), ring a bell, and generally make you the envy of the neighborhood.

The box attached to this book contains what you need to turn ordinary bricks into amazing chain reaction machines.


  • 33 LEGO Elements
  • 6 LEGO balls
  • 2.2 yds of string.
  • 8 paper ramps
  • 2 paper pop-up signs
  • 1 paper funnel
  • 1 paper flag
  • 1 paper bucket
  • 1 platform

Klutz Crystal Clear Instructions
With 78 pages of detailed instructions with brightly colored images, you will learn to build machines ranging in complexity from easy to advance.

Stuck on a certain step? Throughout the book, you will also find helpful brick substitutions, suggestions how to fix common problems, and explanations on the physics behind each machine.