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Gloplay Fairy Tale

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Gloplay Fairy Tale

The Most Powerful Light.
Brighten your dark space into an extraordinary place. Will be about 70 times brighter than other products in the market, after only 20 minutes in the dark*.

Light persistence with a lifetime guarantee.
Dreamy light maintains gentle glow while your kid’s sleep. Guaranteed to stay shining for life without batteries. It keeps shining more than 5 hours, so it gives peace of mind even if the child wakes up at midnight.

Stick it and peel off anywhere anytime.
An adhesive surface that can be attached to any surface and peeled off to play with, by NITTO 5000NS. It can be easily removed by children so move them around and challenge their creativity.

Durable, water-resistant.
GLOPLAY has great durability, so it can even be used outdoors or in the bathroom. Fully guaranteed to stay shining for life with no need for batteries.