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Drop Shot Game

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Drop Shot Game

Let gravity do the tossing!

Each player gets six arrows in one color. Taking turns, they have to put their spatial reasoning skills to the test as they try and drop their arrows into the honeycomb gameboard.

It sounds easy, but once you're standing up with the gameboard on the ground, suddenly that honeycomb grid looks a whole lot smaller...

Only players with a steady hand and a keen eye will have what it takes to land three in a straight row first!

Test your skills and experience physics in action with the fascinating game of Drop Shot.

Drop Shot
Game of dropping arrows into a honeycomb grid to get 3 in a row
Encourages hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, concentration
Take turns dropping arrows into the honeycomb grid
First to land 3 in a straight row wins
Includes honeycomb game board, 12 arrows (6 in each color)
Detailed game rules and instructions included
Game board measures 6 x 5 x 3 inches
Arrows each measure 6.25 inches long
High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay

Ages 6+